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Commonwealth’s Attorneys' Services Council
Norfolk Marriott Waterside
April 6, 2008

Council Members Present
Harvey L. Bryant, III (Virginia Beach)
Joel R. Branscom (Botetourt County)
S. Randolph Sengel (Alexandria)
John R. Doyle, III (Norfolk)
David N. Grimes (Pittsylvania County)
Michael R. Doucette (Lynchburg)
Wade A. Kizer (Henrico County)
Christian E. Rehak (Radford)
Alexander R. Iden (Winchester)
Eileen M. Addison (York/Poquoson)
Raymond F. Morrogh (Fairfax)
William F. Neely (Spotsylvania County)
Nancy G. Parr (Chesapeake)
Richard E. Trodden (Arlington)

Other Commonwealth's Attorneys Present
Robert L. Bushnell (Henry County)
Charles S. Sharp (Fredericksburg)
Linda D. Curtis (Hampton)
Neil S. Vener (Campbell County)
Donald S. Caldwell (Roanoke City)
James E. Plowman (Loudoun County)
Paul B. Ebert (Prince William County)
Matthew J. Britton (King George County)
Daniel M. Chichester (Stafford County)
Thaddeus R. Cox (Craig County)
James R. Ennis (Prince Edwards County)
C. Phillips Ferguson (Suffolk)
Dennis L. Godfrey (Washington County)
C. Linwood Gregory (New Kent County)
Howard E. Gwynn (Newport News)
Robert N. Joyce (Lexington/Rockbridge County)
Jonathan S. Lynn (Fauquier County)
Suzanne M. Perka (Clarke County)
Charles S. Sharp (Fredericksburg)
John C. Singleton (Bath County)
Edward K. Stein (Covington/Alleghany County)
Anthony Sylvester (Hopewell)
Kim S. White (Halifax County)
Joan Ziglar (Martinsville)

Call to Order
Mr. Bryant called the meeting to order at 1:13 p.m.. Mr. Bryant stated that he was delighted to have everyone in attendance and encouraged all Commonwealth’s Attorneys to attend the meetings.

Consideration of the minutes
Mr. Grimes moved to approve the minutes of the February 21, 2008 Council meeting, Mr. Branscom seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Chairman’s Report
Mr. Bryant deferred his report.

Administrator’s Report
Mr. Harris introduced Walter E. Hibbard, the new Staff Attorney at the Commonwealth's Attorney's Services Council. Mr. Hibbard is the CASC Gang Attorney. Mr. Harris stated that Mr. Hibbard also is the point of contact regarding updates to the Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Handbook.    

Mr. Bryant noted his appreciation of CASC staff’s efforts in putting together the Spring Institute. Mr. Bryant also thanked Mr. Harris for keeping everyone informed of legislative developments during the General Assembly session.  Mr. Bryant stated that he appreciated all Commonwealth’s Attorney’s communications and efforts to save Council funds. Mr. Bryant acknowledged Attorney General McDonnell’s valuable assistance and efforts to preserve the Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council.

Council Financial Audit
Mr. Harris reminded Council that Ms. Debord became a full time CASC employee approximately one year ago. At that time Council was under a full audit for 2 years of financial records. Mr. Harris read the accountant’s report which stated that Council received a clean audit. Mr. Harris stated that the clean audit generated complements from the Secretary of Public Safety and the Governor’s office. Mr. Harris recommended a commendation for Ms. Debord.

Spring Institute 2008
Mr. Harris acknowledged CASC Staff Attorney Jane Chambers’ efforts in putting together this program and gave Ms. Chambers credit for all things that are right with the Spring Institute.

Resource Center
Mr. Harris stated that CASC welcomes all contributions to the Resource Center and encouraged Commonwealth’s Attorneys to contribute helpful materials of general interest.

Mental Health/Criminal Justice Conference, Virginia Beach – May 13-14, 2008
Mr. Bushnell brought this program to Council’s attention. All Commonwealth’s Attorneys will receive an invitation in the mail within a couple of weeks. Mr. Bryant stated that this is a chance for the Commonwealth’s Attorneys to participate as these issues are developed. Mr. Bushnell also stated that the elected Commonwealth’s Attorney does not have to attend, but may send a deputy or assistant. Mr. Bryant stated that it is important that the Commonwealth’s Attorneys work together on this committee.

Commonwealth’s Attorney/CASC representatives sought – DCJS Criminal Justice Plan Oversight Committee (CASC)
The DCJS Criminal Justice Plan Oversight Committee will review recommendations that were collected last summer and fall in regional focus groups attended by some Commonwealth’s Attorneys. Mr. Harris will attend as a representative on this committee if no Commonwealth’s Attorney is available. Interested volunteers should speak with Mr. Bryant or Mr. Harris.

Commonwealth’s Attorney/CASC representatives sought – DCJS State Victim Assistance Steering Committee
Ms. Curtis currently serves on this committee.  She stated that this committee assists with Victim Witness training and meets approximately every quarter. Ms. Addison agreed to serve.

Executive Committee
Mr. Bryant thanked everyone who attended the Executive Committee retreat at Carter Hall.

There being no further business, Mr. Branscom moved to adjourn. Mr. Grimes seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.. The next Board and Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 11:00 the Henrico Sheriff’s Office Conference Room.


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