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Commonwealth’s Attorneys Services Council
The Cavalier Hotel --Virginia Beach
July 30, 2009

Council Members Present
Joel R. Branscom (Botetourt County)
David N. Grimes (Pittsylvania County)
Michael R. Doucette (Lynchburg)
Christian E. Rehak (Radford)
Richard E. Trodden (Arlington County)
Nancy Parr (Chesapeake)
Harvey L. Bryant, III (Virginia Beach)
Neil S. Vener (Campbell County)
William F. Neely (Spotsylvania County)
Robert B. Beasley (Powhatan County)
Kim S. White (Halifax County)
Raymond F. Morrogh (Fairfax County)

Other Commonwealth's Attorneys Present
Daniel M. Chichester (Stafford County)
Linda D. Curtis (Hampton)
James R. Ennis (Prince Edward County)
John C. Singleton (Bath County)
William W. Davenport (Chesterfield County)
Roy F. Evans (Smyth County)
Patricia T. Watson (Greensville/Emporia)
Patricia D. Scales (Cumberland County)
Paul B. Ebert (Prince William County)
Matthew J. Britton (King George County)
Robert L. Bushnell (Henry County)
Donald S. Caldwell (Roanoke City)
Stephanie B. Vipperman (Patrick County)
Joan Ziglar (Martinsville)
Eileen M. Addison (York County/Poquoson)
Nathan R. Green (Williamsburg/James City County)
C Linwood Gregory (New Kent County)

CASC Staff Present
Robert Q. Harris
Lisa Hillman

Special Guests
Robyn de Socio, Executive Secretary, Compensation Board

Call to Order
Mr. Branscom called the meeting to order at 5:15p.m. (following the conclusion of the VACA Board meeting).

Consideration of the minutes
Mr. Branscom moved for the acceptance of the minutes from the May 6, 2009 and June 17, 2008 meetings. The motion was seconded, and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Chairman’s Report
Mr. Branscom deferred his report.

Administrator’s Report
Mr. Harris advised Council that it needed to elect members for the Standing Committee on Prosecutorial Ethics. The terms are 3 years.  Currently, Ms. Addison, Ms. White, Mr. Doucette and Mr. Wright are on this committee. One member of the committee must be a part-time Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Mr. Wright now is a full-time Commonwealth’s Attorney.  Council re-elected Ms. Addison, Ms. White and Mr. Doucette, and elected Mr. Thaddeus Cox as the part-time Commonwealth’s Attorney representative. 

Mr. Harris stated that he will be in contact with the members of the Curriculum Committee with details about the September meeting.  Alternative funding has been arranged for the meeting. 

Due to the lateness of the meeting, Mr. Harris asked to defer the briefing on CASC’s budget reduction plans to the Sunday, August 2, 2009 meeting, where members would have more time to consider the budget proposals.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30p.m. The next Board and Council meeting will be held on Sunday, August 2, 2008 at 8:00 a.m. at the Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach.



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