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June 16, 2010

The Cavalier, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Council Members Present
Neil S. Vener (Campbell County)
Robert B. Beasley (Powhatan County)
Nancy G. Parr (Chesapeake)
David N. Grimes (Pittsylvania County)
Christian E. Rehak (Radford)
Alexander R. Iden (Winchester)
Harvey L. Bryant (Virginia Beach)
S. Randolph Sengel (Alexandria)

Other Commonwealth’s Attorneys Present
Paul B. Ebert (Prince William County)
Richard E. Trodden (Arlington/Falls Church)
Robert L. Bushnell (Henry County)
James R. Ennis (Prince Edward County)
Linda D. Curtis (Hampton)
Wade A. Kizer (Henrico County)
Eileen M. Addison (York/Poquoson)
Nathan R. Green (Williamsburg/James City County)
Matthew J. Britton (King George County)
Lisa K. Caruso (Dinwiddie County)
Patricia T. Watson (Greensville/Emporia)
Stephanie B. Vipperman (Patrick County)
James E. Plowman (Loudoun County)

CASC Staff Present
Robert Q. Harris
Lisa O. Hillman

Call to Order
Mr. Vener called the meeting to order at 11:09 a.m.

Consideration of the Minutes
The draft minutes for the May 5, 2010 meeting, previously were posted and circulated to Council. The minutes were approved as submitted.

Chairman’s Report
Mr. Vener welcomed Council and the Commonwealth’s Attorneys to the meeting and deferred a Chairman’s report.

Administrator’s Report
Mr. Harris addressed the agenda items.

Spring Programs Update
This is the last year CASC will receive Byrne/JAG grant funding for Top Gun and Homicide. New funding options will be explored.

Attendance for Top Gun and Homicide was high.  The College housing was Dupont dormitory and students were not happy with the dormitory. Lodging was a distraction for the programs.  CASC hosted Trial Advocacy and Homicide the same week, but probably will not do that again. The Trial Advocacy team beat the Homicide team twice in softball.

There was low attendance for the Trial Advocacy program. The low attendance could be because NAC hosted a Trial Advocacy program the same week, or because of budget cuts in Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ offices. Mr. Harris suggested the possibility of taking off a year on Trial Advocacy to build interest. CASC can maintain a basic trial skills track at the Spring Institute.

CASC also has hosted several DUI-D Regional programs in different locations around the state. DUI-D is a 1-day program teaching law enforcement and prosecutors to recognize and prosecute impaired driving on drugs. Mr. Harris encourages more prosecutors to attend these programs. The next DUI-D program is June 28, 2010 in Chesterfield County.

VACA Annual Conference Training Program Update
Reservations for the Annual Conference are lower this year. Mr. Vener suggested distributing the program information again and to assistants on the forum. Rod Leffler has agreed to do two hours of live ethics on Friday. Bill Blaine, ACA Brunswick County, will provide training on revocation hearings. Richard Wintory is returning for the Supreme Court Update and “Trying Capital Cases.”

Byrne/Jag Grant Applications
Only 1 out of 5 2010 Byrne/Jag Grant requests from CASC was not finally rejected. The remaining grant request for material support for distance learning and digital materials production has not been rejected or approved, but will be worked on further in hopes of DCJS approval in September.

New Law Training Materials
CASC has sent “New Laws” training materials out to Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ offices to use in training local law enforcement officers on changes in the law.

John R. Justice Loan Forgiveness Program
Mr. Harris stated there is $233,000 to be split evenly between prosecutor and defense attorneys in Virginia in the first year of this new federal program. CASC is working to get more information.  The Governor will name a state agency to file an application and administer the grant funds.


Curriculum Committee
CASC no longer has budgeted funds for the Curriculum Committee Retreat. Mr. Harris suggested alternatives to the retreat. Four offices volunteered funding for a retreat.

DCJS “Blueprints for Change”/ Crime Commission Workgroups
DCJS is organizing a study group for a “Blueprints” policy planning group. Mr. Harris will attend the study group regarding Gangs. Commonwealth’s Attorneys were invited to both study groups. Additionally, Commonwealth’s Attorneys currently are attending the Crime Commission workgroups regarding police chases, line-ups, and, protective orders.

Insurance Fraud Program
The next planning meeting for the Insurance Fraud faculty is June 30, 2010. This one week program will be held in Williamsburg in the fall.  Mr. Bushnell stated that the State Police will decide what regions will attend, and match prosecutors with a BCI Fraud investigator and a private industry fraud investigator. Mr. Bushnell stated that all the other agencies involved are excited about this program. Mr. Bushnell asked the Commonwealth’s Attorneys to make an effort to send a representative. Mr. Harris stated that more information will be given at the next Council meeting.

There being no further business before Council, the meeting adjourned at 11:37 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting of Council is Thursday, August 5, 2010, 3:00 p.m. at The Cavalier Hotel.