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September 26, 2012

Henrico Sheriff’s Office

Council Members Present
Michael R. Doucette (Lynchburg), Chairman
Nancy G. Parr (Chesapeake), Secretary
David N. Grimes (Pittsylvania), Past Chairman
Council District Representatives:

  • LaBravia J. Jenkins (Fredericksburg)
  • Harvey L. Bryant, III (Virginia Beach)
  • Cassandra S. Conover (Petersburg)
  • Nancy G. Parr (Chesapeake)
  • Robert L. Bushnell (Henry County)
  • Donald S. Caldwell (Roanoke City)
  • Christian E. Rehak (Radford)

Other Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Present
Joel R. Branscom (Botetourt County)
Paul B. Ebert (Prince William County)
Robert B. Beasley (Powhatan County)
Nathan R. Green (Williamsburg/James City County)
Gregory D. Underwood (Norfolk)
Patricia T. Watson (Greensville/Emporia)
Jeffrey W. Haislip (Fluvanna County)
James R. Ennis (Prince Edward County)
Theo K. Stamos (Arlington/Falls Church)
Nathan H. Lyons (Carroll County)
James E. Plowman (Loudoun County)
Denise Lunsford (Albemarle County)
Shannon Taylor (Henrico County)
Michael Herring (Richmond)

CASC Staff Present
Robert Q. Harris
Jane Sherman Chambers
Marian M. Heard

Call to Order
Mr. Doucette called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

The draft minutes from the August 2, 2012, and August 5, 2012, meetings were previously posted and circulated to Council.  The minutes were approved as submitted.

Chairman’s Report

Administrator’s Report
Mr. Harris reviewed the agenda items:

Old Business
VCAIS/alternate case management information update
Mr. Harris announced that CASC received proposals from 4 of 5 case management vendors from the Annual Summer Conference.  The proposals have been distributed to the ad hoc committee, but they have not yet had a chance to digest the information.  The issue was deferred to November meeting.

CASC Program Updates
Curriculum Committee met in September and has mapped out agendas for 2012 Executive Program, 2013 Spring Institute, and 2013 Annual Summer Conference.

Executive Program Plans:  Mr. Harris announced that the Board and Council meetings will be moved up from the usual time slot because there is a lot of business to take up.

Fall programs status:  Mr. Harris reported that there are three CASC programs in October.  Trauma to Trial is full, but Red Flag has room and the iPad training has a few slots available.  CASC wants to fill these seats.


New Business

  • Vacancy on Standing Committee on Prosecutorial Ethics (Kim White):  Mr. Doucette informed members that this committee issues advisory opinions that get sent to the State Bar.  Mr. Wright was nominated by Ms. Conover.   The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  •  Executive Program 2013 location:  Mr. Harris reviewed the venues in past years.  Interest was expressed in the Tides Inn in Irvington, Abingdon, The Homestead, Hotel Roanoke, Charlottesville, and Staunton.   Mr. Doucette asked CASC staff to get proposals from 4 hotels:  Hotel Roanoke, The Tides Inn, The Homestead and the Martha Washington in Abingdon.


  • Conflict of Interest Training:  Mr. Harris is going to put together an hour of Conflict of Interest training for Council at the 2012 Executive Program.
  • Registration fees 2012 – 2013: Mr. Harris reminded members that there has been a $50 registration fee for CASC trainings for the past 2 years.  These fees have covered agency training costs. CASC currently has accumulated some funds from registration fees, vendor fees and statewide asset forfeiture fund distributions and Mr. Harris suggested Council could cover the cost of the Spring Institute in Richmond without a registration fee for 2013.  Attendees in Richmond likely may have higher individual parking and per diems than last year in Norfolk and dispensing with a registration fee can help maintain attendance numbers.  Mr. Doucette suggested monitoring budget needs and deferring the Spring Institute decision until December.   A motion for maintaining a $50 Executive Program registration fee for 2012 was made, seconded and passed unanimously.


  • New council officers and representatives:  Mr. Caldwell moved that Council recognize the new VACA board members and representatives that have been elected was the result of the departure of Kim S. White as First Vice Chairman and Matt Britton as the district 1 representative.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.   As a result of the VACA Board actions on officers of the Association, Council officers are now:  Michael R. Doucette, Chairman, Raymond F. Morrogh, First Vice Chairman, Nancy Parr, Second Vice Chairman, Secretary, LaBravia Jenkins.

There being no further business before Council, the meeting adjourned at 12:01 p.m.  The next regularly scheduled meeting is Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 11:30 a.m., at the Henrico County Sheriff’s Office Conference Room.